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Memoirs of a liquorice maker

The fact that Oldtimers liquorice is still being made at the Van Slooten factory in the small village of Jirnsum isn’t all that obvious... Only due to the shared willpower of the four Douwenga generations, the recipes with their distinctive taste have been preserved.

Watch the memoirs of Jochum Douwenga and let yourself be carried away by the story behind Oldtimers.

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Oldtimers from Van Slooten are based on an original recipe. Only the very best ingredients are used, meaning gum Arabic, liquorice root and only natural colours and flavourings. And free from gluten and gelatin! Oldtimers are packed in a unique box with a special freshness seal to maintain their unique superior flavour.

Assortment Oldtimers

Liquorice boxes

Sailers Knot Liquorice

Sweet tasting ship's knot's liquorice.

Cobblestones Liquorice

Liquorice with a salty salmiak liquorice flavour.

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